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At Wills Primary School every child is welcomed and valued as a unique member. Together, we work to help your children reach their own individual potential in the wonderful family atmosphere that is special to our school.

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To register please print, complete and submit the following registration form.


A Registration fee of BDS$100.00 ($50US) must be paid on submission of your application form. Registration fees are non-refundable.


1. Copy of  Birth Certificate or equivalent (baptismal certificate, passport or hospital certificate) 

2. Up to date health certificate (Immunization Card) filled out by a physician.


Students must:

  • present a recent report card from the previous school attended and;

  •  a reference letter from the Principal of the last school attended

  •  any other pertinent documents to facilitate registration and placement of students

Visa Application

Non National/Caricom Students are required to have a valid Student Visa upon entering the school. Please see immigration for more information on applying for a student visa.


1. H-1 & H-2 Application Forms

2. Birth Certificate

3. Cover letter from the school

​4. Letter of support

5. Two (2) passport size photographs

6. Proof of the status of parents or guardians in Barbados

7. Proof of consent when required​

8. Timetable for course of study detailing the number of hours of study per day

9. A copy of the bio-data page of the applicant's valid passport





Wills Primary School is an independent private school with no government or business funding. The school is governed by a Board of Management, which dictates the fees and policies under which this institution is founded. Tuition Fees & Capital Contribution are subject to change at the discretion of the Board of Directors

School fees must be paid within the first week of the school term to the Treasurer. Tuition fees are inclusive of termly petty cash fees. If not paid, the Board of Management reserves the right not to permit any student to attend school until payment has been made.

Local - BDS$2350.00 


Caricom - BDS$2455.00


Non-National - BDS$2830.00


(School fees are per term)

Fees can be paid in full or in two or three installments.

In the event of a family having three or more children attending Wills Primary School at any one time, the third and subsequent children are given a 10% discount on school fees.


As of September 2015, the capItal contribution is required of every student entering the school and is payable on acceptance of the offered place. This is an essential component of the financial structure of the school, which allows us tO continue to develop the school's facilities, the maintenance of the existing buildings also, reaching our goal of constructing a new school campus. The Capital Contribution paid is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Capital Contribution consists of:

A. One payment of BDS$1500.00 (USD$750.00) for the first child. 

B. A payment of BDS$700.00(USD$350.00) for each sibling entering Wills Primary School. 

This reduced rate is only applied within one year after the first child has left the school. 

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